Animated polaroids

Social IoT video jukebox

Target audienceEvent participants (25-50)
LanguagePython, C
HardwarePC, Arduino, NFC reader, photoresistors, monitor
Team4 people
Production time1 month


Animated polaroids is an Internet of Things (IoT) project for which we built a device that plays videos matching polaroid photographs. The device’s interface consists of 2 panels:

  • as input, the polaroid panel: a physical grid where the user can put one polaroid photograph on each cell
  • as output, the movie panel: a monitor that shows a digital grid of movie clips that loop over 12 seconds

Every time the user adds or removes a photograph from the polaroid panel, a short clip corresponding to the photograph is played or stopped on the corresponding cell.


Animated polaroids - Full viewAnimated polaroids - Demo 1Animated polaroids - Demo 2Animated polaroids - All piecesAnimated polaroids - Circuit overviewAnimated polaroids - PC debug


Animated polaroids is my 4th project at Gobelins, and part of the postgraduate programme on video games and transmedia. Each year, the objective of the project is to create an Internet of Things device for a client.

In 2016, the client was photographic agency Big Shot – Polanimation, and the requirement was to design a device that makes use of polaroids for special event photography. We decided to create a device that would allow people to interact through their own pictures and encourage them to speak to other attendees in real life.


  • Mehdi Tebib: Panel creation, Electronics hardware, Communication
  • Magali Monné: Panel creation, Graphic design, Communication
  • Guillaume Raimbault: Electronics
  • Long Nguyen Huu: Programming


  • PC – Arduino serial interface programming (Python)
  • Sensor state handling in Arduino (C programming)