Don’t Do That!

Tactical point-and-click collectathon

Playthrough (comments in German)
Download the game:
PlatformPC (Windows, OS X, Linux, WebGL)
GenreTactical action, Point-and-click
Mode1 player + difficulty settings
Target audienceChildren to teenagers (8-16)
Play time2 to 10 minutes depending on difficulty settings
TechnologyUnity 5
Team6 people
Production time1 week
RoleSpell design and programming, Enemy programming

Playing instructions

Note that the downloadable version for Windows is the Global Game Jam version of the game and does not feature the last improvements.


The game is entirely playable with mouse, although keyboard shortcuts also exist.

On the main menu, set the difficulty between 2 and 12 to define the number of ingredients to gather to win.


Move Left click Move with the shortest path to target
SLOW spell 1 or S key (or click icon) Slow down all the cats
SLEEP spell 2 or D key (or click icon) Make all the cats fall asleep
DECOY spell Right click on the field, 3 or F key (or click icon) Drops a decoy that lures all cats nearby for a few seconds
BOMB spell 4 or G key (or click icon) Drops a mine that explodes the next cat touching it

Note: if using DECOY with the keys or by clicking the icon, the decoy will simply appear in front of the player character.


Don’t Do That! is a point-and-click tactical action game for PC where you play the role of a wizard trying to accomplish a ritual in his library. You must gather food-based offerings into a cooking pot while avoiding ferocious cats.

More information on the GGJ page of the game (the download links on the GGJ page do not work, please use the download links above on this page)


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The game was developed during the 3-day-long Global Game Jam 2016 at SAE Institute Cologne (Germany) with a team of 6. The theme was “Ritual”. We also added the diversifier (constraint) of being able to play the game with the mouse only.

After we pitched the game to the other participants of the GGJ, we continued working on the game one extra week to add alternative keyboard controls, fix bugs and improve playing instructions.



Game design

  • Decoy spell


  • Decoy spell
  • Enemy cat behavior programming