Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Open-world RPG military shooter

PlatformPC (Windows), PS4, Xbox One, Stadia
GenreShooter, Stealth, RPG
Mode1-4 players co-op and 4v4
Year2018 (release 2019)
TechnologyAnvil (proprietary engine)
Production time~3 years
RoleGameplay Programming (3C)

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Title


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an open-world military shooter that was released in October 2019 by Ubisoft as a sequel to Ghost Recon Wildlands. Like its predecessor, it features a open-world campaign that can be played cooperatively by up to 4 players online and a TvT mode Ghost War  taking place in closed areas. Compared to Wildlands, this installment features more RPG and survival elements (injuries, crafting, gear enhancement).


Teamwork Ghost shooting a rocket Ghost hiding from a drone Enemy grounded drone


As part of the Gameplay Programmer Graduate Program at Ubisoft, I worked 1 year on Breakpoint in the 3C team, implementing main character features. I coded in C++ using in-house engine Scimitar/Anvil.


Injury system

To stress the survival aspect of the game, the main character can now suffer long-term injuries that must be healed with items or by resting:

  • Update injury level based on damage received
  • Implement status maluses related to injuries
  • Implement healing items to remove injuries

Suppressive fire

When the main character is continuously hit by enemy fire for some time, strong visual feedback is shown to the player to emphasize the threat and make it harder to retaliate:

  • Plug camera effects (change of blur, FoV…)
  • Plug character animations

Sync Shot drone

The Sync Shot item allows a single player to target up to 3 targets using drones, to mimic the behavior of AI teammates in Wildlands. By shooting a 4th target, the player can effectively kill a group of 4 targets at once, which in some situations can avoid triggering the alarm.

  • Implement Sync Shot drone item usage, recall, and shooting behavior


  • Plug voices when character is falling, injured, suppressed
  • Plug voices when character marks or kills target