Okamiden – From Wii to DS

Study of a cross-platform sequel

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Download: (JP)
TopicOkami series, Game port
YearJuly 2015
Text LanguageJP

This work is a short technical and gameplay analysis I wrote in Japanese for a class of Game History at Keio University. The topic was “writing a review on a game you played”, and I chose to study how the game Okamiden took advantage on the Nintendo DS platform and how it changed the gameplay from its predecessor Okami on Wii (originally PS2).

I worked on the essay a little more than 2 weeks, having previously played and finished both games and thought about how gameplay evolved. Download it as a PDF in Japanese above.


  • Game presentation and main character
  • Background (prequel, team info)
  • Graphics (polycount and scene management, comparison with Zelda DS)
  • Controls, motion, camera (comparison with Okami and with other DS titles)
  • Battle system interface
  • How was Okamiden handled as a sequel game, in comparison with other series
  • Conclusion


  • Okami and Okamiden are copyrighted by Capcom
  • The PDF contains a screenshot of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Copyright Nintendo) made by Famitsu