Waves Fighters

1v1 synthwave shooter

PlatformPC (Windows, OSX, Linux)
Play time40"
Team3 people
Production time3 days
RoleProgramming, Game design


You can find all the builds on the itch.io page.

If you’d rather download them directly, click on the icon matching your PC platform above.

Known issue in the Web version:

  • The BGM will not play the first time you select a level. If the BGM doesn’t play when the fight starts, exit the level with Escape and re-select it. It should now play correctly.
  • Escape will exit from fullscreen even if you just want to exit the current level, as it has input priority.
  • The Exit button does nothing in the Web version (it should not be displayed at all).


Waves Fighters is a retro-futuristic 1v1 shooter made for the Global Game Jam 2017 @ ICAN (Paris) on the theme “Waves”.

See jam entry (contains old builds)


  • Characters can only move up/down and send a wave to attack.
  • Characters can send 3 different types of waves, but you cannot send more
    than 1 wave per second. The slower the wave, the higher the number of bounces. All waves deal 1 damage to the opponent on contact.
  • Each character has 3 health points. If a character reaches 0 HP, the opponent scores 1 point, and the arena is reset.
  • The first player to score 3 points wins the duel.


Action Player 1 (Keyboard) Player 2 (Keyboard) Both players (Gamepad)
Move up/down W/S
(Z/S on Azerty)
I/K or
8/5 (numpad)
Left stick/D-pad
Slow wave (4 bounces) D/X J X button
Medium wave (3 bounces) F/C K A button
Fast wave (1 bounce) G/V L B button


Waves Fighters Menu Waves Fighters Level 1 Waves Fighters Level 2


Free assets